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Bored Cat?

13 ways to entertain your cat

By: Steve Duno

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1. Leaving a trail of treats that lead to a hidden reward, such as a piece of chicken

2. Hanging a few unreachable mobiles around the home

3. Placing a few unbreakable mirrors around the home at floor level

4. Leaving a feather on the floor

5. Getting a ten-gallon fish tank with a secure lid, and stocking it with goldfish

6. Leaving a curtain partially open

7. Rubbing a piece of cheese on a windowsill

8. Hiding a sprig of catnip

9. Setting up a multi-leveled, carpeted “kitty condo” in the living room

10. Leaving a few veterinarian-approved cat toys out

11. Enticing your cat to play with a cat “teaser” wand

12. Leaving out a small pot of wheat grass

13. Dropping a frozen cube of broth into her water dish

These are just a few enrichments you can try: come up with some of your own and share them with us in the comments down below or on social media!


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