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Colourful Cats

Add some rainbow to you day with these adorable colourful cats!

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Add some rainbow to your day with these adorable colourful cats! – ERM


1) Girassol

Dapper Girassol from Portugal looks just swell in his red, green, and gold bow tie! – Submitted by Catarina and Hugo


2) Moro

Moro the exotic shorthair lounges on his bright, colourful blankets. – Submitted by Joel


3) Flour

Check out Flour’s lovely yellow eyes! – Submitted by Jennifer H


4) Katniss

Katniss (get it? cat…ness?) looks hilarious in her pink and blue striped garb. – Submitted by Margaret M


5) Marshmellow

Marshmellow (named because he’s super mellow!) thinks pink. – Submitted by Erin R


6) Kathy

Kathy looks fabulous in her colourful lei! – Submitted by Gina


7) Jazz

We love the shade of Jazz’s eyes! – Submitted by Matthew R


8) Portia

Portia is in heaven in her cute purple blanket! – Submitted by Caitlin


9) Luna

Luna has such a cute banadana! The pink flamingo print goes so well with the blue fabric. – Submitted by Three Fluffy Tails Photography


10) Thing 1

Thing 1 is extremely attracted to this colourful balloon! – Submitted by Robyn M


11) Kitty

Kitty surveys a lovely painting from the vantage point of her red couch. – Submitted by Maryama

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