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Do You Have the Personality of a Cat?

Take this quiz to find out!

By: Lauren Cheal & Taryn Cheal

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Tally your answers to the following questions to determine what kind of cat personality you possess—and what type of cat would be your best match! 

1.  It’s Saturday afternoon. You can be found:
A. Lunching with your besties (basically everyone).
B. Reading Modern Cat magazine in a sunbeam in your fave chair.
C. On the couch, armed with snacks, watching literally anything (#netflixandchill).
D. Chilling with your boo. He gets you.
E. Hitting the shops, hunting for deals.

2. It’s a mix and mingle cocktail party situation. You are:
A. Hopping between all the groups, making intros, being hilarious. 
B. Finding the cat of the house and spending your evening trying to befriend her. 
C. If you made it at all, you parked it on a comfy couch and are counting down the minutes until it will be appropriate for you to skedaddle. 
D. Circling around the host.
E. Rifling through the medicine cabinet and knocking all the books off the shelves.

3. Your favourite form of exercise is:
A. Advanced Zumba with your crew.
B. Yoga.
C. Exercise?
D. Is paddle-boating with your girlfriend a sport? 
E. Hitting the climbing gym.

4. You’re introduced to someone new. You:
A. Talk their ear off and make plans for them to meet your other friends.
B. Politely say hello and then excuse yourself ASAP.
C. Ask them what their fave TV show is so that you’ll have something to talk about.
D. Introduce them to your BF; isn’t he great?
E. Invite them to go hiking with you this weekend.

5. It’s dinnertime. You are:
A. Barely eating anything because you have such good stories to tell everyone.
B. Enjoying a quiet meal at home with a good book.
C. Getting takeout. Who has the energy to cook something?
D. Enjoying date night at your favourite bistro with your bae.
E. Trying an exotic new cuisine.

The Verdict:

Mostly A’s: You have the personality of a super-social, life-of-the-party cat! Like your ideal feline companion, you are unreserved, friendly, and the social glue of your group. You love to meet new people and make new friends quickly. Your ideal feline counterpart is likewise confident, outgoing, and loves making new friends. Style tip: accentuate your cat’s personality with a bow tie from Pets by Carvas (pictured from $14)

Mostly B’s: You have the personality of a reserved cat! More introverted, you appreciate quiet and comfortable spots where you can enjoy solitary pursuits. Much like a shy cat, you prefer smaller groups or solo time until you feel comfortable, but people who take the time to get to know you are rewarded by your slow-burn wonderfulness.

Mostly C’s: You have the personality of a homebody cat! Your ideal day is a relaxing one: lots of snacks and TV consumed from YOUR spot on the couch. Your perfect-match cat would love to sleep in sunbeams and only wake for mealtime and a brief perusal of what’s happening on the home front. Tip: keep your homebody cat happy with a Sunny Seat window-mounted cat bed ($25).

Mostly D’s: You have the personality of a snuggle bug cat!
You are all about the L.O.V.E. You definitely have a soul mate and you two are inseparable!  Ideally you’d spend ALL your time with the object of your affection—washing each other’s hair, staring deeply into each other’s eyes, sharing a single plate at dinner—and your ideal feline match is the same: a super-cuddly love-y cat that only has eyes for her person!

Mostly E’s: You have a personality of an adventurous cat!
If you’re not already on a vacay, you’re booking your next one. You love trying new things, you’re always on the go, and there’s no adventure too great or too small for you. Your cat counterpart is the same—she loves hunting, playing, and going for walks on leashes!


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