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Photographer and cat rescuer Erica Danger’s five favourite cat charities, rescues, and cat cafés

By: Erica Danger

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Erica DangerCat Café Lounge

“Oh, this is a tough one!” laughs cat photographer Erica Danger. Danger’s assignment—share her five favourite groups making a difference for cats—wasn’t an easy one. Danger devotes a ton of time to helping out cat rescue groups across the U.S. Lucky for us, she was up for the challenge. Here are Danger’s five favourite cat groups doing wonderful work that is worth checking out and supporting!

 Feral Change, Bay Area, San Francisco, CA

“First is Feral Change, who I volunteer and foster with here in the Bay Area. We focus on TNR for feral and community cats, where we humanely trap, neuter or spay, and then return cats to where we found them,” says Danger. 

Cute CatFeral Change

They make sure the cats get any medical care that might be needed, and whenever possible, find homes for any cats who are social enough to become house cats through Feral Change’s foster and adoption program or through partner organizations.

Feral Change Feral Change

 Cat Adoption Team, Portland, OR

“I also love Cat Adoption Team, which is a cat rescue just outside of my hometown of Portland, OR. I adopted one of my first cats, Godzilla, from them many years ago!” says Danger

Cat TownCat Town

 Cat Cafés: Cat Town, Oakland, Cat Café Lounge, Los Angeles, CA & The Catcade, Chicago, IL 

“My favourite cat cafés would have to be Cat Town here in the Bay Area, Cat Café Lounge in Los Angeles, and The Catcade in Chicago,” enthuses Danger. “All three are non-profit cat cafés, and they’re chock full of rescue cats that you can meet and adopt if you fall in love. The pandemic has limited a lot of the ‘café’ side of their operations and forced closures for months at a time, but the rescue work has never stopped! They do so much for the cats and care so deeply about saving as many lives as possible, often pulling cats into their programs who have been passed over in shelters for behavioural issues or expensive medical problems, and then they take care of it all. The love and compassion at all three of these organizations is immeasurable.”

Cat Cafe Lounge Cat Café Lounge

“There are dozens of other organizations that I love and support,” Danger continues, “but these are a few of the smaller organizations that could really use a little more recognition! (And donations, if you’re feeling generous!)”

Cat Cafe Lounge Cat Café Lounge


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By: Erica Danger
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