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These amazing products offer nifty solutions to vexing problems

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1. De-Shedding Tools

Are you, your home, and every article of clothing you possess all coated in cat hair?  The Andis Pet DeShedding Tool promises to reduce shedding by up to 90 percent. Photos and videos show an incredible amount of hair removed—like enough to create a second cat with. Pretty impressive stuff. So does it live up to the hype? In short, it most certainly does.
Here’s how it works: the comb’s fine teeth/blade combo takes out not just the excess hair that’s about to be shed, but specifically targets the undercoat. Don’t let this scare you—the process is just like brushing your cat; it won’t scratch skin and maintains the topcoat. Removing excess undercoat is key to significantly reducing the cat hair collecting in the corners of your house/on your couch. The Andis Pet DeShedding Tool might just be your new best friend, after Miss Priss, of course; one look at all the four and five-star reviews on Amazon will tell you there’s a lot of happy customers out there. Now excuse us while we go finish the rewarding task of de-shedding our cats. From $34,

2. Foolproof Nail Clippers

Scared of clipping your cat’s nails? You’re definitely not alone. And though doubtless not your cat’s favourite activity, it is necessary; the ASPCA recommends trimming your cat’s nails every ten days to two weeks. Thankfully, the Zen Clipper ensures you never accidentally cut into the pink part of your cat’s quick  where the nerves and blood vessels are located.
Here’s how it works: a patent-pending conical blade allows just the tip of your cat’s nail into the cutting area, thus avoiding accidentally cutting too deep. It’s like putting the nail into a small funnel—only a limited amount of the nail will fit, guaranteeing you’ll miss the quick. So simple it’s genius. $24,

3. Food-theft Preventing Feeder

Is one of your cats (or the dog!) stealing your other cat’s food? There’s a high-tech answer to this age old problem—the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder.
Here’s how it works: the SureFeed feeder features a sealed lid that goes over the food dish and only opens when an authorized cat approaches. The feeder recognizes the cat through their already implanted identification microchip or the SureFlap RFID collar tag. When the authorized cat has been recognized, the lid over the feeding bowl opens and remains open until the cat leaves—perfect for all day grazing and multi-pet households where stealing food is a problem, especially if one of your cats is on a prescription diet. Added bonuses: it keeps food fresher, prevents pests like flies from landing on your cat’s food, and diminishes cat food odours in your home! $150,

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