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PetCurean Now Fresh Wet Food

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You wouldn’t like to eat old, stale food every day, and neither does your cat! Here at Modern Cat, we love that PetCurean aims to make their meals as fresh as the food from your kitchen counter. Our cats loved their Now Fresh line of wet food!

Owned and operated in Canada, there’s a lot of things about Petcurean we appreciate. This pet food company is dedicated to providing your cat the highest quality ingredients they can find, steering clear of any nameless meats, grain, corn, soy, by-products, added growth hormones or artificial preservatives. Instead, their formulas stick to nutritional non-GMO ingredients, like peas, cranberries, lentils, and more – check out their comprehensive ingredients list to learn how each one is beneficial.

All those fruits and veggies were bound to make us cat parents happy, but let’s get to what our cats loved: the meat! With 100% market fresh meat or fish and choices like Pork Pâté, Wild Salmon, and Turkey Stew all packed in bone broth, these meals were hastily devoured.

PetCurean’s Now Fresh line of wet foods is flavourful and chock full of nutrients to help support the health and happiness of your cat. Learn where to find it near you! – JH





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