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Safe Outdoor Access For Cats

Improve your cat’s life with safe access to the outdoors

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Cats undoubtedly love exploring outside, stretching in the sunshine and enjoying the fresh air. But allowing your cat to roam freely can have a detrimental effect on lifespan. According to UCDavis Veterinary Medicine, cats with free, uncontained access to the outdoors live shorter lives on average and are in danger of being hit by vehicles and attacked by dogs or even predatory birds. Outdoor cats also have the opportunity to contract infectious diseases from other felines, get into catfights, come across poisonous substances, or cross paths with people with a distaste for their kind.

Even though your cat may be “street smart,” cats are natural predators, with some studies estimating that cats in the contiguous United States annually kill between 1.3 to 4 billion birds. Avid birdwatcher or not, one cannot dismiss the effect domestic felines have on natural wildlife.

But sometimes keeping a cat completely indoors is not an option. That’s where catproofing comes in. With a little DIY skill and finesse, you can create a safe area where your cat can enjoy the benefits of being outdoors without the risks.

One option is Cat Fence In, “keeping cats safe since 1990.” For those with a backyard and substantial fence, Cat Fence In is a netting attachment that runs along the top of the structure, effectively preventing cats from climbing or jumping over. Cat Fence In “fits on any height wood, vinyl, masonry, wire or chain link fence.” They also provide Tree Guards which prevent your cat from scaling any tree.  The best part? Cat Fence In offers a one year satisfaction guarantee. 

Easy Pet Fence has another option, offering Cat Fence Kits like the Kitty Corral to allow your pet to soak up the sun, no existing fence required. In this complete solution, the fencing is made from poly mesh which discourages climbing. Different sizes can be set up with simple installation that doesn’t require the help of professionals. They also offer completely covered cat enclosures in a range of sizes for extra peace of mind. Easy Pet Fence  offers free samples so you can get to know the material up close before making your purchase and provides DIY instructions for set-up.

Whether you’re looking to safely expand your indoor cat’s horizons or restrict your cat’s current no-holds-barred access to the outdoors for their protection, there are solutions and options available! Enrich your cat’s life with safe outdoor access and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air together.—Becky Belzile

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