Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

It is a basic question we have all wondered at some point! Why does my cat stare at me? You are eating dinner or watching T.V. and you notice two bright eyes watching you. Your cat is creeping on you but you need to understand that cats are visual stalkers, this is how your purrfect pet takes in their surroundings to understand what is going on around them. Your cat is interested in your every move especially if they think there is something in it for them…think about feeding time. Your cat has very little patience waiting for you to get them their food wondering why you can’t go faster.

cat staring at meWhy does my cat stare at me? Are you a fur parent you are the key person in your cat’s life. You provide them with food, shelter, love, pets, and are their loving caregiver.

Every time you think “why does my cat stare at me” pay attention to what you are doing and how are you are feeling this can be a contributing factor in their mood too. Our pets often mimic our moods and behavior. Does your pet want you to stare back at them to have a special moment? Your cat might be staring at you to re-enforce the bond you have together. Is your creeping kitty trying to tell you something? What is your cat’s body language when they are staring at you? Is your cat happy, or bored, maybe something might have spooked them or made them angry to bore their eyes into your soul. Try getting some cool cat toys to keep your cat entertained.

Your cat loves you, when your cat looks at you with love in their eyes, return that look! Why does my cat stare at me? Now you know!



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  • Alyssia Corbett

    I absolutely 💗 my kitty 🐈 she’s my 💞 and
    soulmate she’s my best friend 🙂 😻😘🏠😽😚🌹💞my kitty cat just looks at me with 💞😻😘💓💜💙💗 and I absolutely 💓 it..I’ve had Lily now for a year and 9 months going on 10 months but she is a little over 2 years old and will be 3 years old in summer 2020.💗you Lily she 💘s to play bite me when she wants 💞💗 and attention from me 24/7 she tells me what she wants and she gets it she’s a funny kitten. 😻🐈.

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