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What Your Cat’s Sleeping Position Means: An Illustrated Guide

Cat sleeping positions & what they mean: From belly up to sprawled out, here's what your cat’s sleeping position says about their mood and comfort level.

By: Modern Cat

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Illustrations by Michelle Simpson

The position your cat sleeps in reveals a lot about how they’re feeling and their comfort level. Here are the most common cat sleeping positions and what they mean!

An Illustrated Guide to Cat Sleeping Positions:

1. Bread Loaf

In loaf position (sitting upright with paws tucked under body), your cat is resting and fairly comfortable with their surroundings, but likely not in a deep sleep as they are ready to spring into action at any moment.

2. Curled Up

Cats who sleep curled up like the extra warmth and protection.

3. Sprawled Out

These cats are comfortable, content, and relaxed. They feel unthreatened and love their home.

4. Hiding Face

Cats who sleep with their face covered are very comfortable and are in such a deep sleep that they are covering their face unconsciously.

5. Belly-Up

Cats who sleep with their stomach exposed feel safe and implicitly trust their owners as they are willing to be vulnerable.

6. Half-Open Eyes

Cats often sleep with half-open eyes and moving ears to stay on alert—both for possible threats and potential prey.

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By: Modern Cat
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