Meet Alex

Alex is a very loving kitten. He loves to snuggle in the morning and then begs for a belly rub. He doesn't care in which direction he's belly is rubbed as long as he's getting a good rub down.  I have to keep his nails trimmed constantly - when I open a can of chicken or wet food,  he climbs up my leg when I'm not fast enough for him.  Laser light games are his favorite and he tries hard to climb the wall to catch the light. 

Facts About Me
  • Age 11mo
  • Dislikes he hates to be held facing away from me - he wiggles and twists until he is face to face
  • Foods Chicken, and any wet cat/kitten food.
  • Pastimes Surfing for food in the fridge, chasing objects only he can see, watching tv
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