Meet Magoo

Magoo was rescued by myself as a kitten as I was getting off work, it was the middle of winter and the poor thing was hiding under a car shaking and crying so I grabbed her up and took her home. She was scared, she was kind of pushing herself away from me but purring at the same time. Lol my folks say that her purring is what got her in the home for good. Shes getting better around people all the time.

Facts About Me
  • Age 8
  • Nicknames Keemew, gooser, gooey
  • Dislikes People making loud noises
  • Foods Everything. My mom likes to feed her chips, popcorn and yogurt occasionally, and my dad gives her raw meat. But mostly she eats just a lot of cat food
  • Pastimes She does this funny thing where when you talk to her she\'ll turn her head and twist around in a circle. Lol
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