Mama Bess & Brown kit Tom & Gray kit Sally

Scottish Fold

Meet Mama Bess & Brown kit Tom & Gray kit Sally

Mama Bess is the kindest ca ever! She always knows when you are sad or angry, and when she knows, she tries to comfort you! When we learned she was going to have kittens we were very very happy. And they ended up just like her. They always want attention and are always looking for a big human hand or foot to play with! We love them very very much, and we hope you do too!

Facts About Me
  • Age Mama Bess is 3
  • Nicknames Bessie, Tomsie, and Sally Wally
  • Dislikes Mama Bess doesn't like it when she is ignored
  • Foods Hard food, Treats, and fresh milk
  • Pastimes Mama Bess and her kits love to sleep and cuddle together
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