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Meet Simba

Simba is a very energetic cat. He was born in April and we picked him up around early May 2014, and also found out that he was born deaf. He loves his toys and playing with his owners. He has very long and thick soft coat. We named him simba because he resembles a lion. He loves to cuddle up next to his owners when he wants some down time or it is time to sleep. When summer rolls around he loves to go outside and checkout the birds and hang out

Facts About Me
  • Age 10 months
  • Nicknames babes, sims, little boy, handsome
  • Dislikes tomatoes, vaccum, snow, jumping, when his his owners leave
  • Foods salmon, mac and cheese, steak, chicken
  • Pastimes when we got a glass table and we went to set him down on it and he went face first into the glass not knowing something was there.
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