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Photo Contest

Meet Sabrina

The Maine Coon
Victoria Neitzel Davenport, Iowa

My cat Sabrina is very photogenic, whenever she see's me with the camera or IPad she stops and looks at me, it's like she's posing for me. She's also very mischief and curious. She loves water and she turns on our bathroom vanity faucet on by herself, she doesn't know how to turn it off. She's very playful, loves her head petted and she knows what many words mean. Sabrina will be 5 years old on 6/18/14.

4 1/2
Laser lights, little toy mice
My jar of Noxzema(the smell)
Favorite Foods
Corn curls,Royal Canin Cat food, Pit-R-Pat cat treats
Favorite Pastimes
Turning on the bathroom faucet, Looking out the window

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