New Product Cures Embarrassing Feline Baldness

New Product Cures Embarrassing Feline Baldness
Miracle product transforms your hairless cat, restoring lustrous fur and confidence



April 1, 2016

Is your hairless cat embarrassed by his folicular challenges? Is his confidence suffering? Finally, there's a cure for embarassing feline baldness! Thanks to Furgaine, your hairless cat will become a veritable furball in three months or less*. This miracle catnip-scented cat-hair regrowth treatment is proven to regrow cat hair faster than any other cat hair regrowth formula on the market.** Save your cat the embarrassment of being hairless; get Furgaine today!*

*results may vary. 

** there are no others.

*** Available April 1st only. 

Happy April Fool's Day!

(For the record, we adore hairless cats just the way they are!!)

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