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Thanksgiving Cats

It seems a lot of cats are thankful for boxes

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Dobby is thankful for Dobby-sized boxes

Porter is thankful for the power of the written word

Fenway is thankful for new friendships that will surely last a lifetime

Tigger is thankful for all that technology has given us

Charlie is thankful for good stretches

Toots and Boots are thankful for fish

Morris is thankful for that delicious turkey

Pez is thankful for his sweet wheels

Reptar is thankful for nap buddies

Scout is thankful for dental hygiene

ER and Bobbyjack are thankful for friends who can reach the tough spots

Twizzler is thankful for boxes

Bruin is thankful for hiding places

Nemo is thankful for sparkly, feathery toys

Ophelia is thankful for fashion

Puck is thankful that Thanksgiving is only one day a year

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