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Tiny Kitten Rescued and Nursed by Dog Friend

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Dog found nursing, caring for month-old kitten

In a story that is sure to make your day (and probably your week and month, too), an animal rescue worker in South Carolina recently found a small Shih Tzu mix who was lost and injured caring for a tiny, one-month old kitten. The dog was nursing the kitten to keep it alive when Anderson Animal Control Officer Michelle Smith found the pair down a ravine. The dog had been howling, and the rescuer believes she could have climbed back up the hill, but chose to stay and care for his little kitten friend. 

The dog and kitten were both taken to the Anderson County P.A.W.S., a  local shelter. The dog continued to care for the kitten, while volunteers delivered the extra nutrients the cat needed through bottle feeding. The pair have been fostered out together, and the shelter hopes to find the dog's owners and see if they will take the little kitten too. At this point, how could they not? 

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